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bugbugs #30654: -->Debug mode for glite-wms-* could print used configuration file.

Submitted by:  Steve Traylen <straylen>
Submitted on:  2007-10-23 10:02
Status:  Ready for Review Open/Closed:  Closed
Category:  * WMS Severity:  * 2 - Cosmetic
Baseline Release (where bug has been observed):  * gLite 3.1 Release (where bug fix will be available: EMI 1, EMI 2, EMI 3, All):  *EMI1
OS:  SL 4 Architecture:  i386
Bug detection area:  * Production Assigned to:  None
Privacy:  Public Priority:  Medium
Associated Test:  None
GGUS reference URL: 
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Discussion Lock:  Unlocked Build environment:  None
Summary:  *Debug mode for glite-wms-* could print used configuration file.
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2008-05-27 10:39, comment #8:

Hi Luca,

Okay , not a problem, it has only ever been cosmetic.
Just trying to clean up my savannah entries.

Steve Traylen <straylen>

2008-05-27 10:09, comment #7:

Hi Steve,
Sadly, not. The restructuring branch release date is still to be set, and I cannot assure when the patched version will be in production.


Luca Petronzio <lpetronz>

2008-05-27 10:00, comment #6:

Is this fixed in a released or upcoming WMS patch now?


Steve Traylen <straylen>

2008-03-13 14:39, comment #5:

The fix will be provided in the Restructuring branch

Alessandro Maraschini <maraska>

2007-10-24 09:58, comment #4:

Hi Steve,
As you pointed out this is an undesired behavior, the informations displayed at runtime should match as much as possible with the informations printed into the log file.
The bug will be now solved, the fix will be available from the next gLite release.

Luca Petronzio <lpetronz>

2007-10-23 12:39, comment #3:


Thanks for the prompt reply.

I had made the wrong assumption that the debug file was
the same as the console output, that does seem to be the case.

$ glite-wms-job-list-match --debug \
-a helloworld.jdl 2>&1 | tee out.txt

and consequently:

$ grep -A 2 -B 2 glite_wms.conf out.txt-----------------------------------------23 Oct 2007, 14:28:46 -I- PID: 24853 (Debug) - Loaded Vo specific configuration file: /opt/glite/etc/dteam/glite_wms.conf-----------------------------------------


$ grep glite_wms.conf /tmp/glite-wms-job-list-match_16568_24853_20071023_14-28-46.log

produces nothing.

Entirely up to you if you want to do something with this:

To me anyway the message.

*** Log file created ***Possible Errors and Debug messages have been printed in the following file:/tmp/glite-wms-job-list-match_16568_24853_20071023_14-28-46.log

suggested this was the place to look for debug information
but in fact rather more goes to the console.


Steve Traylen <straylen>

2007-10-23 12:18, comment #2:

Hello Steve,
In the debug mode the configuration file is actually displayed, together with its location(s).
Here's an example:

[trinity] /share/luca/Repository/branch > glite-wms-job-list-match -a --debug ls.jdl
23 Oct 2007, 14:16:31 -I- PID: 13441 (Debug) - Vo read from proxy certificate extension
23 Oct 2007, 14:16:31 -I- PID: 13441 (Debug) - VirtualOrganisation value : infngrid
23 Oct 2007, 14:16:31 -I- PID: 13441 (Debug) - Loaded generic configuration file:
23 Oct 2007, 14:16:31 -I- PID: 13441 (Debug) - Loaded Vo specific configuration file:
23 Oct 2007, 14:16:31 -I- PID: 13441 (Debug) - Loaded user configuration file:
23 Oct 2007, 14:16:31 -I- PID: 13441 (Debug) - Loaded Configuration values:
requirements = other.GlueCEStateStatus == "Production";
DelegationId = "luca";
RetryCount = 3;
ListenerStorage = "${GLITE_LOCATION_TMP}";
WMProxyEndPoints = { "https://ghemon.cnaf.infn.it:7443/gl...","https://tigerman.cnaf.infn.it:7443/..." };
MyProxyServer = "kuiken.nikhef.nl";
OutputStorage = "/tmp";
virtualorganisation = "egee";
ShallowRetryCount = 3;
LBServiceDiscoveryType = "org.glite.lb.server";
JdlDefaultAttributes =
requirements = other.GlueCEStateStatus == "Production";
RetryCount = 3;
VirtualOrganisation = "infngrid";
rank = -other.GlueCEStateEstimatedResponseTime
LBAddress = "ghemon.cnaf.infn.it:9000";
WMProxyServiceDiscoveryType = "org.glite.wms.wmproxy";
ErrorStorage = "${GLITE_LOCATION_LOG}"
23 Oct 2007, 14:16:31 -I- PID: 13441 (Debug) - Auto-Generation of the Delegation Identifier: z4gL7hO49UUONyG3jCwr-w
23 Oct 2007, 14:16:31 -I- PID: 13441 (Debug) - Delegation ID automatically generated
23 Oct 2007, 14:16:31 -I- PID: 13441 (Debug) - Getting Endpoint URL from configuration file

I would set this bug as invalid if you don't mind.

Luca Petronzio <lpetronz>

2007-10-23 11:36, comment #1:

correction for me, the man page does detail the location
of the configuration file used.

Steve Traylen <straylen>

2007-10-23 10:02, original submission:


$ rpm -qf /opt/glite/bin/glite-wms-job-list-match glite-wms-client-3.1.11-4.slc4

$ glite-wms-job-list-match --debug -a helloworld.jdl

produces a lot of information including:

"Getting Endpoint URL from configuration file"

it would be helpful if the configuration file that was used
was reported as well.

On a similar note neither

$ glite-wms-job-list-match -h
$ man glite-wms-job-list-match

specify what the default configuration file location is.


Steve Traylen <straylen>


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