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EMI PEB Task Tracker - Summary

Membership Info
Project Admins:
12 members

Group identification
Id: #740
System Name: emi-peb
Name: EMI PEB Task Tracker
Group Type: Other Grid Projects

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Registration Date: 2011-02-04 16:05
License: OtherThe EMI project as previously the EGEE and other projects have adopted the Apache 2.0 Licence because it has been found to satisfy all project legal, sharing and exploitation needs. However, this project is not related to software, therefore any suitable licences is fine
Development Status: 0 - Undefined

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Tech Support Manager Tech Support Manager (0 open items, 0 total)

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Bug Tracking Bug Tracker (0 open items, 0 total)
Task Manager Task Manager (21 open items, 164 total)
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